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When choosing Dayton Meat Products, you can be sure you will get high-quality service every time. Read through some of our reviews to see what our clients think of our work, and leave your own if you’ve used our services before.

Dayton Meats are always excellent. They are my go-to place for beef liver. Theirs is always very evenly sliced for even cooking–no big lumps that don’t cook through. Their smoked products are superb. I’m afraid even to get started on their frozen fresh pies to bake at home. They also carry a selection of cheeses, snack items, seasonings and meat accompaniments for any occasion. Meats are always excellent. They are my go-to place for beef liver.

Carolyn B.

Dayton’s is the best. Pull off the interstate and load up. Some of my favorites from here are smoked pork chops, beef summer sausage, bacon, flavored bratwursts (like dill pickle or vadalia onion) and smokey link sausages with jalapeno and white cheddar. The bacon here is unbeatable. They also have frozen pies.

Joel N.

Great jerky and sticks, custom meat locker that sets the standard for the rest. Support the small business!!!!

Mike G.

I love their roast beef sandwiches…and beef jerky is the best in the country. I know because I’ve been all over this country!

Ellen D.

Although I arrived just before closing they still sliced meat for me. It’s always quality product. Always.

Mary W.

Everything is awesome! Awesome meat. Awesome people! Awesome awesome awesome…

Rod M.

Very good locker. Worth the stop for the beef sticks and jerky.

Randy E.

Great service, quality products. Highly recommended!

Erin R.

Fantastic selection and excellent quality.

Sean A.

Always good service always good product.

Bill O.

Great prices and friendly service.

Waylon W.

Love the peppered smoked pork strips.

Jarl W.